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Painted Metal Lamp in the Form of a Young Girl at a Stove


DATE 1920
DESCRIPTION An unusual painted metal lamp depicting a young girl pouring the contents of a small jug into a large pot which sits on a stove.

The girl, wearing an apron over a dress, Mary Anne shoes and a bonnet with a ribbon tied to one side, looks happily down at the cooking pot.

A light bulb in hidden in the stove which lights up the sides of the stove and the girls face.

This lamp is in need of rewiring. We can arrange for this to be carried out for a small extra charge if the purchaser is in the UK.

If the lamp is to be shipped abroad it is best to have the rewiring carried out by an experienced electrician after delivery to ensure that it meets the necessary regulations.

DIMENSIONS Height 61.00cm
Width 24.00cm
Depth 36.00cm
PRICE £1,350


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